TessPay is a blockchain company developing a payments ecosystem for component and sub-component supply chain payment settlements. TessPay is paving the way for large and small companies who want to buy and sell services from each other, to do business together without the concern of each parties’ credit rating and ability to finance the transaction in the supply chain.

TessPay intends to develop and utilize TessPay Smart Contracts, wherein a payment from the primary party in the chain would be automatically apportioned to all other eligible parties. in the chain concomitant with payment by the primary party. The creditworthy financial condition of the primary party would facilitate lender involvement in the supply chain under the security afforded by the TessPay Smart Contract. The first TessPay Smart Contracts payment system will be tailored to the needs of the international telecommunications industry in respect of cross border telephone calls.

It’s easy to use the TessPay System in 3 easy steps:


Create Smart Contracts

Collect Daily Payments


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