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The TessPay Fintech Platform enables quick
access to financing, allowing you to enhance
cash flow and accelerate business growth.

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The TessPay Fintech Platform offers an easy way to factor telecom invoices and grow your business.


The LifeLine and Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) of the United States Government aims to increase access to affordable mobile phone and high-speed internet for low-income households in the United States with enhanced subsidies for persons living on Tribal Lands.


Large infrastructure, commercial, and industrial projects involve multiple participants with numerous payment interactions. Financial risk for Lenders and Developers can be mitigated by the TessPay Fintech Platform. Smart Contracts assure Lenders and Developers that progress payments are made only when work has met programmed conditions. Project transparency and security is enhanced.


The blockchain based Smart Contract enabled TessPay Fintech Platform secures payments and raises finance in telecoms and commercial construction today. Tomorrow, the Platform will meet customer needs wherever supply chains require transparency, security and borrowed capital to operate efficiently.


The TessPay Fintech Platform offers customers funds and lenders a secure environment for advances to supply chains that require finance to operate effectively and efficiently.


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