TESS - Transaction Escrow Settlement Service

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What is TESS?

Blockchain-based Escrow Service for Wholesale Telecom carriers that GUARANTEES payment in FULL and ON-TIME

The Solution - TESS Smart Contracts

Carriers will enter into a TESS SMART CONTRACT, whereby the terms are represented programmatically and are immutable

TESS Tokens

TESS tokens will permit the holders to participate in the maintenance and support of TESS network

TESS USD Minute-Tokens

All TESS SMART CONTRACTS will be funded and paid for with TESS USD MINUTE-TOKENS (MUSD); unlimited supply

Advantages Over Traditional ESCROW

SMART CONTRACTS are immutable.
Programmed terms trigger automatic payments.

24/7 Worldwide Fast payments.
(minutes, not days)

No fees to receive payments.
Will permit cost-effective interim payments.

Invoices issued automatically as per the terms of the smart contract.

All contracts and transactions are recorded on the semi-public
(viewable by verified telecom carriers) blockchain.

No need to bear the cost of insurance or dispute resolution

If a customer is unsatisfied, or finds a better rate/quality from another supplier, unspent tokens can be unlinked (unencumbered) at any time, free to apply to another telecom contract/project.

Use Cases

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Prepay Model

TESS SMART CONTRACTS can be partially or fully allocated to other TESS SMART CONTRACTS

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Financed Model

TESS SMART CONTRACTS can be partially or fully funded by a financial partner

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Jeff Mason


Fraser Mason


Sorin Tanasescu

Chief Software Architect

Artem Varakin

Chief Telecom Systems Administrator

Vasy Dragan

Senior Lead Web Developer

Tony Lesiak

(Canaccord Genuity)

Tony Gioia

(Aird & Berlis)

Rasool Verjee

Business Development Advisor


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