Smaller Carriers

The TessPay Fintech Platform offers a solution designed to help Smaller Carriers factor their invoices quickly and accurately. Invoice factoring is a financial transaction in which a company sells accounts receivable to a third party at a discount to obtain cash quickly.

Our Process


By using financing provided by the blockchain based TessPay Fintech Platform, Smaller Carriers can execute Smart Contracts and improve their cash flow by accessing immediate funding for Daily Invoices. Readily available funds will help meet financial obligations and provide capital for business growth without having to wait for Large Carriers to pay their bills on 30/30 terms.

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Smart Contracts

The TessPay Fintech Platform deploys Smart Contracts that support fast and accurate processing, meaning that Daily Invoices are processed quickly and without error. Outsourcing invoice production can help Smaller Carriers streamline financial operations and reduce the administrative burden associated with manual invoice processing.

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Immediate Funding

With immediate funding, Smaller Carriers can focus on business operations without worrying about cash flow constraints. Greater funding can help with investment growth opportunities, pursuit new projects and expansion of operations.

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Streamline Operations

The TessPay Fintech Platform provides a valuable solution for Smaller Carriers looking to improve cash flow and streamline financial operations. Through the TessPay Fintech Platform, Smaller Carriers can benefit from immediate funding, fast and accurate invoice processing, and the ability to focus on their core business activities.

Watch the TessPay Fintech Platform video to see the ease with which our financing solution can be delivered. Then contact us at to book a live demonstration of the TessPay Fintech Platform and take the first step in obtaining Funds For Growth.

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